Safeguarding & Welfare

Safeguarding is a term that covers many things – all concerned with making sure our learners and staff are safe, healthy, protected from harm and can enjoy positive wellbeing.

Safeguarding & Welfare

What is Safeguarding?

At The National Logistics Academy and throughout the Mantra Learning Group we are committed to keeping our apprentices, learners and staff safe.

We do this by making sure all our staff have been carefully recruited, trained and DBS checked. We incorporate Safeguarding into our teaching, to equip our learners to recognise when they might be at risk and to deal with situations that may arise in the future.

The National Logistics Academy adopts a strong culture of Safeguarding and encourage our learners to talk with their tutor or development coordinator about any issues they may be facing, not just about their learning.

We have a designated Safeguarding team who are always on hand to talk to our learners, apprentices and staff regarding any issues or concerns they might have about themselves, their peers, colleagues, friends or family.

 All our Safeguarding team are full trained to offer support and can help to signpost learners to external agencies when specialist support is needed. We also have Mental Health First Aiders available.

Learners and Staff can also contact the Safeguarding Team via e-mail if they do not wish to talk face to face or over the phone –

Safeguarding concerns can include (but are not limited to) issues such as mental health, financial abuse, coercion in any sort of relationship, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, radicalisation.

Bullying and Harassment: The National Logistics Academy is committed to a working and learning environment that is free from bullying and harassment and where every individual’s dignity is respected. Mantra Learning has a zero tolerance policy towards Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation.

PREVENT – Supporting the prevention of extremism and radicalisation: The National Logistics Academy recognises that the current threat from terrorism and extremism in the United Kingdom is real and severe and can involve (but is not limited to) the exploitation of vulnerable people, including children and young people.

The National Logistics Academy is committed to preventing people from being drawn into extremism and terrorism. If apprentices or learners have concerns about a possible terrorist act; or concerns about any individual they believe may be involved in extremism, they can contact our Safeguarding team – including name, contact number and a brief description of the incident or concern.

What's going on in your area?

At The National Logistics Academy, we have apprentices based across the whole of England. In terms of Safeguarding and Prevent, we look at the following regions: North West, North East (incl. Yorkshire and the Humber), West Midlands, East Midlands, London, East of England, South West and South East.



The table below shows the number of crimes per 1000 population in the different regions - take a look at your region to see what crime has the highest number of reports. 

Number of Crimes per 1000 Population                  
Area Name Total recorded crime Violence against the person Sexual offences Theft offences Vehicle offences Criminal damage and arson Drug offences Possession of weapons offences Public order offences
ENGLAND                             92.5                                34.9                            3.2                            29.1                             6.9                                    8.6                             3.0                                 1.0                        9.3
North East 113.14 44.18 3.71 31.28 6.39 13.04 2.78 1.03 13.2
North West                           106.1                                42.9                            3.6                            26.7                             5.6                                 10.1                             4.1                                 1.2                      13.8
East Midlands                             86.4                                33.6                            3.3                            25.1                             4.9                                    8.9                             2.7                                 1.0                        8.8
West Midlands                             99.3                                40.9                            3.3                            30.2                             9.1                                    8.4                             2.3                                 1.7                        8.8
East of England                             74.9                                29.5                            3.0                            22.7                             5.6                                    7.2                             2.4                                 0.8                        7.0
London                           102.3                                27.8                            2.8                            48.3                           12.2                                    6.2                             4.7                                 0.7                        6.8
South East                             79.0                                31.4                            3.0                            23.0                             5.4                                    7.8                             2.4                                 0.9                        8.1
South West                             69.4                                28.2                            3.0                            19.2                             3.9                                    7.4                             1.7                                 0.6                        7.2



See below for signposting available in your region if you have been affected by a crime or are worried about risks in your area.



Safeguarding Themes 2024


Month Themes

Awareness Days

January What is Safeguarding? Financial Concerns

* Love your Liver Month * Walk Your Dog Month * World Braille Day - 04/01

* Pagets Awareness Day - 11/01 * STIQ Day 14/01 * Blue Monday 16/01 * National Hug Day 21/01 * Cervical Cancer * Parent Mental Health Day 27/01


February Sexual Harassment and Abuse, Harmful Practices

* LGBTQ+ History Month * Time to talk day 02/02 * World Cancer day 04/02 * Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness * Tinnitus Awareness Week * Childrens Mental Health Week * National HIV Testing week * Safer Internet Day 07/02 * International Epilepsy Day 13/02 * National Heart Month


March Online Safety

* Brain Tumour Awareness month * Ovarian Cancer awareness month * Endometriosis awareness month * No More Week - Domestic abuse * International Womens Day 08/03 * National No Smoking Day * World Kidney Day 10/03 * World oral health day 20/03 * Developmental Disability Awareness month * Neurodiversity Celebration Week 13-19/03 * Young Carers Action Day 16/03 * International Day for the elimination of racial discrimination 21/03 * Debt Awareness Week


April PREVENT, radicalisation and violent extremism

* World Health Day 07/04 * World Autism Acceptance Day 02/04 * Stress Awareness Month * Walk to Work Day 03/04



County Lines, Gangs

* National Walking Month * World Red Cross Day 08/05 * Mental Health Awareness Week * World Lupus Day 10/05 *  National Childrens Day 15/05 * National Vegetarian Week * Learning at work week * World Hypertension Day 17/05 * World Hunger Day 28/05 * World Asthma Day 02/05 * World Deaf Awareness Week * Dementia Action Week * National Conversation Week


June Domestic Abuse, Financial Abuse

* National Age without apology month * World Environment Day * Learning Disability Week * Child Safety Week * Clothing Poverty Awareness 09/06 * Loneliness Awareness Week * Mens Health Week * World Elder Abuse Day 15/06 * International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking 26/06 * World Wellbeing Week * Volunteers Week * Stop Cyber Bullying Day 16/06 * Armed Forces Day 24/06


July Substance Misuse and Abuse, Addiction (Gambling)

* Talk-to-us 2023 Samaritans * Alcohol Awareness Week * World Emoji Day 17/07 * International Day of friendship 30/07 * World Day against trafficking in Persons 30/07 *International Self-Care Day 24/07


August Expoitation and Modern Day Slavery, County Lines and Gangs

* International day of remembrance and tribute to the victims of terrorism 21/08 * International day for the remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition 23/08 *World Wide Web Day 01/08 * Disability Awareness Day 16/06


September Stress Management / Sleep Problems

* Blood Cancer awareness month *  Migraine Awareness Week * World Suicide Prevention Day 10/09 * UK Savings Week * Youth Mental Health Day 19/09 * International Week of Happiness at Work * National Eye Health Week 18/09 * National Fitness Day 22/09


October Mental Health, Neglect

* Black History Month * Breast Cancer Awareness Month * ADHD Awareness Month * Dyspraxia Awareness * World Mental Health Day 10/10 * National Cholesterol Month *  Bullying Prevention Month *National Hate Crime Awareness Week


November Anti - Bullying

* World Kindness Day 13/11 * Transgender Awareness Week * Anti-Bullying Week * Alcohol Awareness Week * Safeguarding Adults Week


December Wellbeing at Christmas

Human Rights Day 10/12 * World Aids Day 01/12 * International Day of Persons with Disability 03/12


National Signposting to Support


Wherever welfare issues are brought to our attention, we aim to find the most helpful sources of support for apprentices, learners and staff. We signpost to a wide range of organisations, including: 

Hub of Hope - provide a directory of support services local to you - just put your postcode in and they will let you know what support you might be able to access in your area.

The Samaritans - provide advice to people having a difficult time or in crisis. They have a helpline open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can also be contacted by email. You can also access guidance and support on their website for yourself or if you are worried about someone else.

The Mix - the UK's leading support service for young people, up to the age of 25. The Mix offer a helpline, an online chat service, and a crisis text service, there is also a huge range of informative articles about housing, money, mental health, relationships, and other subjects.

Shelter – An estimated 2440 people are sleeping rough on any one night in England and across the UK there are more than 318,000 households seeking support for housing issues. Shelter has a helpline, an online chat support and several local offices across the country.

The National Domestic Abuse Helpline – 1 in every 4 women experiences domestic abuse in their lifetime, and 2 women are killed each week by a current or former partner in the UK. The National Domestic Violence Helpline has a 24hour helpline, online chat support and a variety of information and support.

The Men's Advice Line – 1 in every 6-7 men experiences domestic abuse in their lifetime, and 1 man is killed each month by a current or former partner in the UK. The Men’s Advice Line has a free telephone support service, online chat service and online support and information.

The LGBT Foundation offer a wide range of support services to people in the LGBTQ+ community, including support groups, face-to-face counselling, a helpline, and email support.

Victim Support offer information, legal advice and mental health support for anyone who has been a victim of a crime.

Regional Signposting to Support

Below are some support services across the different regions. If you know of any other useful services / contacts we would love to hear from you! Please e-mail

North West

NWAS - provides a directory of mental health services across the North West

Hardship Hub - financial support and advice for the North West

Safenet - offer support services for anyone who has experienced domestic abuse / violence

North East

Support and Grow is a crisis relief and care charity, providing food and clothing banks as well as advice and support with access to services for mental health and substance addiction support.

Community Foundation - support with housing and homelessness in the North East

Anxious Minds - mental health support in the North East

West Midlands

Impact Pathways is a directory for support services for a range of issues in the West Midlands area including homelessness, foodbanks, mental health, domestic abuse and more.

East Midlands

EMH - support with housing and homelessness across East Midlands.

The Trussell Trust - is a national charity, the link takes you a list of foodbanks across the East Midlands.

Juno - is an East Midlands based Women's Aid charity, offering support for people who have suffered domestic abuse

Nottinghamshire Mind - mental health support in the Nottinghamshire area


The City of London website has information about local support services for mental health, cost of living, homelessness, domestic abuse support and more

The Metropolitan Police have issued a helpful guide on how to protect yourself from street robbery in London - taking into account the crime rates above, this is the biggest risk to individuals.

East of England

Shelter Norfolk-Norwich - advice, guidance and emergency support around housing and homelessness in the East of England

East of England Co-op - find out how to access foodbanks in the East of England

Leeway is Norfolk's largest specialist provider of domestic abuse support

South West

Encompass - offers information, advice and guidance for people in the South West around money and debt, rough sleeping and housing and accommodation for adults and young people.

NHS England South West Hubs -mental health support hubs

South East

Porchlight - support for adults, young people and families in Kent and across the South East with issues such as housing, mental health, physical health, wellbeing, money issues, feelings of isolation, and work and learning.

NHS England South East Hubs  - mental health support hubs



Prevent is a programme set up by the UK government in 2015, it's aim is to stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Prevent aims to:

* tackle the ideological causes of terrorism

* Intervene early to support people susceptible to radicalisation

* Enable people who have already engaged in terrorism to disengage and rehabilitate

This is done with help from multiple agencies who come together to support and safeguard those at risk, these agencies together are known as Channel.


The tables below show the Prevent activity in your region and what concerns Prevent have dealt with nationally.

*Source -

*Source -

This table shows the number of Prevent referrals made in each region in the year ending March 2023.


*source -

*source -

This table shows the number of Prevent referrals by concern type in the years ending March 2017-March 2023

Complaints & Feedback

If you wish to raise a complaint or leave us feedback please email

A member of the team  will respond within 2-working days and all complaints are investigated within 10-working days.

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