The National Logistics Academy

Functional English and Maths Skills

Functional skills are applied skills in English and maths which help people gain the most from life, learning and work.

Who needs to develop their functional skills?

If an apprentice has not gained a level 2 qualification (GCSE A*-C) in English and/or maths previously they are required to study functional skills as part of their intermediate apprenticeship and achieve at least a level 1 and take the test for the level 2.

How can functional skills benefit your business?

  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Better communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Improved commercial awareness and customer satisfaction
  • Improved accuracy of work
  • Future proofing your workforce
  • Supports staff development to senior roles and/or increased responsibilities
  • Gives staff the skills they need to undertake their apprenticeship
  • Improves staff retention and recruitment

How are functional skills assessed?

There is an online end test for all functional skills qualifications

Functional skills English also includes a speaking and listening assessment

100% government funding

Functional skills up to level 2 is 100% funded by the government and will not affect your levy pot.

The National Logistics Academy functional skills programme:

  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors
  • Blended delivery includes online learning materials and face-to-face support
  • Flexible approach to delivery – on your premises or at our Academy centres across the country
  • Functional skills are stand-alone qualifications in their own right at entry level 1-3, level 1 and level 2
  • A level 2 apprenticeship requires the achievement of functional skills at level 1 in English and maths
  • A level 3 apprenticeship requires the achievement of functional skills at level 2 in English and maths