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Danny Jackson

Danny Jackson

LGV Apprentice at Aldi

Danny Jackson came to The National Logistics Academy for the opportunity of an LGV apprenticeship with Aldi. The idea of an apprenticeship appealed to Danny so he could learn the role effectively from experts. Gaining your LGV licence on your own would get you a job but he was in doubt whether you would learn other aspects like what to do once you got to your destination, would you know about loading/unloading correctly and safely? In doing the apprenticeship Danny learnt how to treat the load, how to load/unload the vehicle safely, how to correctly use the restraints safely, plus he learnt key customer service skills.

“When I first started the programme I was assigned a mentor at Aldi who is a driver himself. This means I am being supervised and supported by one key person who has the right skills to do it.”

Aldi have their own isotrak system where they can track the vehicle’s health and progress throughout its journey, the drivers need to ensure they look after their vehicle and training in this area ensures they keep ‘in the green’. The programme from The Academy was designed to fall in line with Aldi’s targets, one of which ensured Danny learnt about fuel efficiency; things such as eco driving which cuts down on fuel, slowing down using the exhaust break, learning good driving habits to name a few, resulting in less wear and tear to the vehicle. 

At the start you think 12 months is a long time but in that year I gained all my licences, was fully trained and learnt skills from experts and you get a better understanding of the bigger picture. During the first few months Danny learnt about powertrucks loading/ unloading, ensuring the load was secure. Then a few months after that he started his Class 2 (Cat C) training. For a week Danny was a driver’s buddy which he thoroughly enjoyed, he went to the stores to learn what to do with the delivery etc. After a few months Danny passed his Class 2 licence and progressed onto Class 1 training (C+E). 

“The opportunity of getting my LGV licence and NVQ certificate was very appealing. It’s not just about the driving, it’s all the added benefits I would get with it.”

“Now I’ve passed my Class 1 as well I’m thrilled. It’s the licence I’ve always wanted and you can’t get much better than that. To Aldi it means a lot because there is a shortage of Class 1 drivers so I can do my driving straight away. I would recommend going through the apprenticeship scheme, the training programme is great and together Aldi and The National Logistics Academy has got the best out of me. It has definitely improved my skills and employability. Plus, with the shortage in Class 1 drivers I know I’ve got a job for life.”

Danny Jackson
LGV Apprentice, Aldi