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Could poor A-Level results be the end to a successful career?

13 August 2020


No, is the simple answer. Despite the announcement today that almost 40% of student have received downgrades on their A-level results, there are still plenty of avenues into a successful career. 


Why have the A-Level Algorithm needed?


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and exams not taking place, an algorithm was created to predict A-level grades for students. This has seen 36% of students having their grades decreased from what they were expecting. This means that many may not achieve the grades that they need to take them in their desired direction in life. Read more about the A-Level results here




What to do post A-Levels?


Despite it being a challenging time for some young people, there are many other avenues that can be taken. Apprenticeships can offer qualifications up to degree level and are not always as heavily dependent on grades whereas, some other further education alternatives, such as internships and university are.


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