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Why An Apprenticeship?

Why An Apprenticeship?

No matter what ambitions or careers goals young people have, they can reach for the stars with an apprenticeship, safe in the knowledge that they are learning new skills, earning a wage, and gaining qualifications at the same time.

Young people can now choose between an apprenticeship or university as equally prestigious routes to a great career and secure finances in the years ahead.

Sue Husband, Director of the National Apprenticeship Service, said: “Apprenticeships deliver for individuals, businesses and the economy, enabling young people to get in and go far with an apprenticeship at some of Britain’s biggest and brightest companies. They can gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, in some cases up to degree level, while working and earning.”

Most apprentices (90%) will stay in employment (including 2% self-employed), with seven in ten (71%) staying with the same employer.

A quarter of all former apprentices had received a promotion (23%) within 12 months of finishing, and for intermediate and advanced apprentices, three quarters reported taking on more responsibility in their job after completing their apprenticeship.

Some 89% of apprentices are satisfied with their apprenticeship; 85% of apprentices said their ability to do the job had improved, and 83% of apprentices said their career prospects had improved.

And what’s more, employers think that qualified apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications. And reflecting the value that employers place on them, those who complete an intermediate apprenticeship earn, on average, between £48,000 and £74,000 more over their lifetime than similar individuals with other Level 2 qualifications. Those completing an advanced apprenticeship can earn, on average, between £77,000 and £117,000 more than their peers who don’t do an advanced apprenticeship. Those completing a higher apprenticeship could see increased earnings of an estimated £150,000 over their lifetime– comparable to the same as those for graduates.

For those not ready for an apprenticeship, traineeships provide a stepping stone to future success by giving young people aged 16-24 the work experience, work preparation training, English and maths qualifications they need to get an apprenticeship or other job. At any one time, there are up to 27,000 interesting and varied apprenticeships available on Find an apprenticeship, the official apprenticeship vacancy site managed by the National Apprenticeship Service.

To find out more about apprenticeships, search on GOV.UK or call 08000 150 400



Ryan Brandon

 ‘I’d definitely recommend an apprenticeship to other people. You benefit in your role, your employer spends time training you, you’re earning too, rather than just sitting in a classroom for five days a week, like you would be at college (and like most people, wasting that time!).’

Ryan Brandon, traffic office apprentice, Yearsley Logistics, Heywood.