The National Logistics Academy

Online Learning Update

Apprenticeship Update

Our apprenticeship provision is currently being delivered remotely, through one-to-one coaching, teaching, and learning sessions on a monthly basis. All pre-arranged coaching sessions will continue, and will be delivered using Microsoft Teams. Our online e-portfolio system facilitates flexible access for learners and managers, and can be adapted to suit various learning needs.

All learners will require access to online learning, in compliance with out Code of Conduct, via a preferred device. However, should this not be possible, we will establish telephone contact and send out paper-based resources.

Our e-portfolio learning platform provides resources, learning activities, and assignments, all supported by continuous feedback, assessment, information, advice, and guidance from our Development Coordinators. Learners are also asked to produce and upload evidence onto our learning platform. Examples include:

  • Submissions of product evidence
  • Recorded professional discussions
  • Written assignments
  • Reflective journals
  • Witness testimonies

All new starters are engaged remotely by digital form capture, with access to all coaching, teaching, and learning sessions and resources on our e-portfolio learning platform. Our Functional Skills Specialists are also on hand for any additional support and guidance needed.

For information regarding timetabling, please contact Joanne (

Career & Life Improvement Courses

In accordance with the latest government guidance, our classroom-based learning activities have been put on hold. This means that, during this time, we are not teaching in our classrooms. During the lockdown period, we adapted some of our classroom-based courses to be delivered remotely. Mantra will loan out equipment, like laptops, tablets, and dongles, to support learners who require access to them to complete their courses. 

Once restrictions are lifted, we, at Mantra Learning, will do our utmost to ensure a safe return to the classroom. Our primary concern is to ensure the health and wellbeing of our learners and staff, and to protect everyone, we have employed a range of measures to reduce transmission. We will continue to monitor this situation closely, in accordance with Public Health England’s guidance. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Carrying out a full COVID-19 risk assessment on each delivery location, classroom, and for each new learner group;
  • Ensuring that all delivery sites and classrooms currently closed have been deep cleaned, and are ready to re-open;
  • Ensuring increased cleaning in classrooms, and review and revise cleaning schedules to enable frequent cleaning of all areas between uses;
  • Enforcing social distancing between learners, and minimising contact between learners and staff, to prioritise operating safely. This includes altering classroom environments, class sizes, and staggering break times. This will differ between sites, due to the differing risk assessment findings;
  • Providing hand sanitizer in all classrooms, as well as in all washrooms, and all Mantra staff and learners will be required to sanitise their hands on entry and exit from the classroom;
  • Displaying track and trace posters in all centres. All Mantra staff, learners, and visitors must check in to centres daily, using the NHS Track and Trace QR Code;
  • Requiring Mantra learners to complete and return a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to returning to a Mantra classroom learning programme, and providing them with a copy of the COVID-19 Code of Conduct;
  • Installing temperature cameras in all centres. All staff, learners, and visitors must have their temperature checked upon entering our centres;
  • Displaying social distancing signage, and, if required, implementing a one-way system throughout buildings, which will be followed by all staff and learners;
  • Providing regular reminders and signage to maintain personal hygiene standards;
  • Where possible, ensuring all Mantra locations are well-ventilated using natural ventilation (open windows) or ventilation units.

When we return to the classroom, Mantra will consider a combination of remote and traditional learning to maximise learner engagement, support vulnerable learners, and to ultimately minimise the transmission risk.

For information regarding timetabling, more details about courses, and eligibility criteria, email David (please contact David ( 

Overall Responsibility

Our Quality Manager, Nicola McCauley, has overall responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education during the pandemic.